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A view of Stirling castle in the early mist, taken from the site of the Wallace Monument. (2015)

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Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

1908 – 2004

Concert Hall

Night Scene of Perth Concert Hall

Left hand image: Tay Street, Perth at night with P&K council Closer view of the P&K Council Building

office building lit up with river Tay in foreground.

The solitary figure stands at the head of a Loch Earn. The figure symbolises the physical and spiritual relationship between humans and the natural wilderness. The figure, called "Still" is in constant flux, the small panels that form the sculpture are being torn away with the prevailing wind, being re - shaped by the natural forces. It investigates the fundamental aspects of self-awareness and our connection with our environment.


"Still" was created by Scottish artist Rob Mullholland.

Update Nov 2017: Still has been removed from the Loch by new owners, it is not know if or when he will return.



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Images available for purchase from Photo4Me website.